Please enjoy my  ill thoughts, albeit untalented and uneducated.

 If we as humans, are individual specimens of the species of man, none two impeccably identical, than it can be said that we are perfect examples of individuality.


§ 3 Responses to Thoughts

  • CWR says:

    There is no one like me, and if I apply that to you ,that there is none as like you ,than the whole is made of an unlimited number of individual parts, a cooperation of differences, coming together to flow as one, yet remaining; beautifully different…

  • CWR says:

    To explore deeper into my undermedicated mind ,click one of the links to the left ~ Short/ Long/ Photo …Etc. Enjoy!

  • CWR says:


    If you “click” the last link to the left, this is my manual ” The foolish Gardener”, all else are my thoughts and poems, novice as they are, they are my life’s work… Enjoy!

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