On the Eve of Change.

10/18/2007 § Leave a comment

On the eve of Change.

At last, At last. At long last! Finally the people of this Great Nation are coming to bare wittiness to the unadulterated power we gave away to the few. Realizing this power has imposed a pain filled blow to the whole of our land. We have begun to awake, shaking off the drunken haziness like a bad dream that haunts our thoughts. The clear images of our selfishness have come to be realized. Now in this monumental storm we decide to fight and righteously so! We have begun to stand and take inventory of our loses, tallying the scores of our ill advised actions. We can now count the burnt corpse of our values piled a top of our pride. We see in the distance hardship encroaching upon us with haste and durability; unless fended off we will be not better then the hangman himself. Not just those that fritter away their rights; us, all, even cautious ones stand to lose greatly. We see the seriousness and a need for our intervention. Finally we stand ready for action-at long last.

As we administer aid to our blighted wounds we find them deeper and more diseased then we first assumed. Not to late to the cause ,you, those willing to be the first to stand and begin the healing. . A first the few, the brave,
will stand. Out of their chasms of self imposed blindness they come, into the trenches ready willing and able to fight. Soldiers of freedom – weapons for the American way. Citizen’s of and for those fear ridden or too weak to stand on their own. . A new breed, empowered by knowledge, filled with courage, and fresh to the fight – they have arrived.

Stand up and be counted, show your dissention, give ointment for the wound. Your pathway, dear fighter, will be blockaded by lying goats of the few. Deceptive Self serving “yes” men waving documents penned by the hand of traitors, thievery misleadingly covered in Democratic binders. Puppets for the greedy, sucking on the bones of ill gotten power. They will challenge you at every adventure, provoking. Look past these dogs to their masters, a hand full of string pullers, hiding in our blind spot. Demand to be heard, do not be as gracious as to be courteous to power that we rightfully command. Poofs of smoke are their tool ‘s of oppression. Tricks and time their only weapons . To these greedy few we are but worker ants, know nothings not worth a glance. Our silence allowing them to pilfer our purses .Once we stood as faithful followers, good boys and girls ,But No longer!

A word to the wise, a crumb of help this is all I can offer, and I offer it as my small part. Those that are first to the front will not be greeted with fan fair; your fight will be that of getting the attention of those ignoring our cries. Your work will be tiresome with little reward. The path you lay with sweat and tears will give the foundation for others to forge quickly to the front. Have a solid chin and the power of the many as your support. Be brave and know that their only true weapon is a lying tongue.

To you those that find themselves at the end of our sword, I reach my hand across the heavy abridged wall that stands between us. We ask for nothing but a fair life and happiness. I offer you a short space in time to so you can come to your senses and realize your time of mismanagement is over. We demand change, we demand freedom, and we demand a voice. Take this letter as fair worrying for this will be our last. We are growing- awaking to a dark world and a bleak future under your direction and we stand to loss it all. We are here for change, for the betterment of our future ,by any measure a civilized person can muster , change it will be. We will rally as an educated mass and descend upon your throne demanding change or working as one for a equal share of the work and reward. These are your chooses for we hold the keys to the door you lock in our faces.


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