A mile a minute

10/18/2009 § Leave a comment

A mile a minute

Hi, good morning and a howdy good day.
How was your slumber how was the rest.
Green red or blue ~I’m thinking of a number?
Wow look at the squirrel on the fence.
I pick red as my favorite color . What ? The number, why its 4 of course.
Hay dad, I mean mom, sorry, can I fly if my arms go like this?
I would like over easy they taste the best.
Boy I’m tired I could go back to bed.
Hay mom can my face stick like this?
I can cross my eyes when I look at my nose but not my lips!
Thanks ,no I’ll just take bread I’m training for my weight.
I’ve got pull-ups today, in gym, I want to do my greatest.
Wow! That’s good, I mixed my eggs with This.
It makes my mouth tingle and sweat.
Hay mom there’s this girl in my class, she keeps sending me notes.
Do I like her? Yes or No?
Will I be her friend?
Can we play together some day.

Wow ,Mom look at that, it feels like I’ve been up for hours but actually just four five SIX minutes!
Boy I wish I’d grow so I can ride that coaster.
How long before I’m tall like dad, just not as bold or older.
Hee ! hee ! I’m funny I know I just have it like that.
Hay look at my plate the food is shaped like a zord-bot, like the one I have up stairs.
O I have to go comb my teeth and brush my face.
I mean , o you know, boy I’m stupid. I just mixed up my words.
My teacher said I’m doing great, I like her she’s fun.
I know I have to get a move on.
Hay mom when is summer? I want to ride my bike.
Man I’m going to miss the bus.

I love you mom have a good day, I’ll see you when I come home,

then we can talk…



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