My China Doll, act one.

10/18/2009 § Leave a comment

My China Doll.”

My sweet china doll, my extraordinary dream, my amazing love , you, softly rapped in a beautiful soft brown sheen.

The passion of my heart, the reason for my thoughts, you are my one true queen. Without you my mind would surely fail heart black and thick, my dreams dark and pointless, lost without you in worship.

You’re purr of approval is my destination your soft brown eyes give me clues to its direction, finding that love in your glance is my primal satisfaction.

You’re grand adventures- your lazy day whim’s all
out wit any wants that pass through my life. My every bit goes to thoughts of you. I drink your love like sweet spring dew.

If I died right this moment, this cool fall night ,my last thoughts would be of you; my loving wife. For I would fight with all my devices, all my breath until my energy faded into that cold dark night. Scratching and biting as I drift from this world all my thoughts of you my love , my love in a beautiful soft brown sheen.

In my dreams I scour this earth in search to capture that one uncommon fragrance to match your rapture. Forbidding all others in its indulgence, for only my single love can adorn this gift -enthronement .

Not a single second not a flash in time. Not a particular word or a turn of phrase, not the heat of noon nor the coldest of days. I can image not one single thing. Not made from fire wind nor stone, not forged from the finest of metals or carved into the richest of woods. Not of flesh or law , not for plead or demand. I can not draw a focus seeing it there. I do not know of one thing able to barricade my love for you, for my love in a beautiful brown sheen…



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