10/18/2009 § Leave a comment


Old Guard to my pride, are your days growing late?
Silver has replaced that blackened muzzle; this is life’s humorous fate.

A bag O’ bones, a shell of the hull. …

I am sure I can remember back O’ so many waning moons ago. I recall the attitude of your warning, alerted fur on hunched shoulder row.

Your color so brilliant, as like the Osage split up the center, Youthfully dense your mane, and menacing as nature intended.

Time has been kind to the spirit, yet raids you of E’jira’s giving, The Simplest of creeds, for love and loyalty; kill or die trying.

Begotten son of Bronson, the Lacquered Black bastard, from Pandora the apricot Molosser. You, the ideal weapon, hailed as Thor~ God of thunder.

With pride of a Spartan, you secured our nights.
Immediate emotion commands, instinctively you fight.

With passions inflamed, defense was your intention.
From indifferent to deadly, these your duty’s limitations

Sad eyes, you would watch over my most valued possessions. You slept on the razors edge, dreaming of nothing less then our protections.

O’ bag a bones, sentinel grown weary.

Once, your commanding presents kept them humbled.
All, in your broad shadow they had trembled.

Your teethed smile sent them cowaring
Apha in my absence never daulting.

Friend to mine entails our enemies are as one.
Ever lasting loyalty until your life done.

True to the end, I have not need to discuss.
In your care, mine, I could only but trust.

The Conquering worm is trailing, I see he has worn thin your skin and put a sway to your back. Nothing be capable of evading the maggot, he always gets his snack.

We have mourned your lost from the start, You the outsized runt who placed joy into our heart.

When your time has ended, those many befriended will share their tales of your grace.
In the ground forever, immortalized, this will be your final rotting place.”

You shall be missed ~yet honored in stories so precious. Live in our accounts of a lost friend among us.

O’ bag of stones, my poor aging friend.
I will be here, to see you~ to see you to the end.


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