Talking Crap.

10/19/2009 § Leave a comment

I am quite delighted to affirm that I would so rather “Sit on the pot”, then “Stir the pot”. I most defiantly most differently, most happily would rather “Smoke the pot”, “then “Stir the pot.”
This says a lot about folks that would rather propagate drama then take a good BM.

I got-ta ask, “Does your pooper penetrate its parameter, is your o-ring feeling the force, these are the actions of your convulsing sphincter, asking for a divorce.”

“Is your belly bulging at the equator, does your gut wrench with spasm, take it from someone who knows, just clear that chasm.

“Are you angry as of late, does your breath smell like as-s. your eyes, have they changed from jade to chocolate, good god you need to just let it pass.”

Nothing in this world is more uplifting then a good book while shitting . Alleviate all your cares in the world and that stress on your shoulders. Life is brilliant and content as soon as your release those brown butt boulders. Just take a crap.


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