Two Dudes

10/19/2009 § Leave a comment

One afternoon, two white dudes where sitting at the River.

From the younger of the two you could feel the anger.

Off from that cold marble bench, it poured like a thick green stench .

The older man turned and asked ‘what is weighing on such a young mans chest.” Through resentment and stammers the fury was hatched, thus the youth explaining it the way he knew best.

“Ever-a-thing’s be’in taken over by them COON‘S why ,my sister’s kid married one, and is have’n a zeber SOON!”

The mad youth turned with a stare hard as metal, then spat out this horrible riddle.

”Why you tell me, would you live under the same roof as a Mexican, a Camel jockey ,a Black!” They do nutt-in all day and just smoke crack! ”

This question was answered in a flash. It sprang from decades of vision , and so came this old mans wisdom.

Pops stood with no evasion , proudly calling for his playing brown grandchildren.

What follows came with little consideration, but with immeasurable loving admiration.

“ First , You should do something about your dander, , and why does it even matter. See, I’m not sure what you mean by COON‘S and I gott’a ask, do you see yourself invited to the White House anytime SOON.“

punch line+ JDR


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