We Thank you.

10/19/2009 § Leave a comment

To Whom It May Concern, those in the dark dead of night, acting with the care and honor of an American soldier standing hard and right… To those dug in -waiting for the command to defend, holding tight the dreams of a Nation faced with fanatical nightmares, you fight. Far from your bed, void of those comforts you protect unselfishly. You are our hero’s fighting for this Flag, protecting our beliefs from the tyranny of another. We thank you.

To all those that walked in the shadow of death surviving but to be abandoned, your pain sits deep in our heart. Your sacrifices are remembered by those that judge you not. Each morning we awake owing our freedom to you. We Thank you.

The loses are not without pain, so many growing up with only stories of fallen Hero’s .Mothers brothers and fathers, sister’s cousin’s uncles and aunts, memories. Now just stories of heroism placed far off in a land lost in history . They fought the enemy for the families they left behind, paying that utmost toll so as We , America, would never experience such pain.

To all those that put a Hero to rest, we can do nothing but thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Be proud to know they will live forever in our story’s as the saviors of our land. We will never again forget those that left this life in defense of ours. We thank you with tears in our heart. But to remember ,they are in our thoughts always reminding us where we came from.

We thank You



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