11/23/2011 § Leave a comment

The wonderful land of  the equinox .



Blustery winds blow.

The tributaries low.

Crisp the night air.

Autumn is near.

Boundless in power the clouds that tower.

Rolling in columns cooling our noon time hour.

The morning comes a little slower.

The mist hangs a little lower.

Fall is here to play.

The geese follow their ancient routes.

From green drab the colorful symphony sprouts

Off in the distance Misery comes with his angry reasons

Powerful the locks, holding course the ever-changing seasons.

But we have this day.


The gentlest of breezes, drifting through the canopy.

Those falling keys, wanting to start another family.

The fatting of the fox.

The ant that takes stock.

The brilliant Reds the amazing Yellows.

The harmony of the Katydid and the wind’s own wonerful  bellows.


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