A father’s Axioms

11/23/2011 § Leave a comment

  • Toys are the tools of Children; allow the children to be children, when time comes they will understand how to be strong adults.
  • Love hungers to be spent as well as received.
  • Nothing is worse than an iron fist and a cold heart in a father.
  • Your children are not your friends; your children are your children.
  • If you do not want your children to become someone you despise, do not act as someone they would despise.
  • Mothers treat them like babies, Fathers treat them like adults; reach a happy medium.
  • Your children follow you until they can follow themselves; they not only live in your example but replicate it as well. So than there is no room for the hypocritical proverb,”do as I say, not as I do.” For actions are louder than words. If any proverb is fostered here, use,” Do as I do, not as I have done.” This proves that you have faults but wisdom has gaven you another chance, and you wish to share your hard-earned knowledge.
  • Your respect and pursuit of life is contagious; so is stagnation and loathing.
  • There are two reasons you want your child to have respect; One, so they have a good name going forward, Two ,so your good name earned is no blemished. Pick the former over the latter, and respect they will earn. Pick the latter over the former and they will destroy what they can in natural defiance.
  • Education brings happiness invention imagination, respect of life, compassion apprehension, innovation prosperity, interaction responsibility and understanding; a lack of education brings unhappiness disrespect, hatred loathing, poverty limits and chauvinism. The choices are yours; adopt wisely.
  • Your children are of their times, you are of yours, confusing the two leads to an unhappy family.
  • Choose wisely what to punish and what to ignore, the ramparts are being tested.
  • Nature  has furnished your children with all the tools  needed to prosper, encourage and foster their natural inclinations and they will never want. Force upon them what is unnatural and they will always need.
  • Punish rebellion by rewarding compliance.
  • Happiness is the first of ambitions, the rest with follow suit, neglect this and all the rest suffer.
  • Your children, as adults, know when they are ready for the world; you only have to admit that realization.
  • Slaves act but in defiant obedience, leave them room to escape and they shall escape. A child can be but as faithful and respectful to you as you are to them. Respect is not earned, it is lost.
  • Keeping a watchful eye on one child leaves the others to much room for loneliness and neglect; when you focus all your energy on a child that is defiant to the family rules, in your pursuit of that unreachable total obedience, you neglect the one(s) that follow your lead.
  • The dominant is chained to the captive as the captive is chained to the dominant. Freedom of thoughts of body of principles unchains both.
  •  A good loving guide is the greatest value in a great father; a tyrant is the lowest.

        .      A father is of his time, the childern of theirs, each have a life to live, force one on another and it is destruction of the familyunit in happiness and natural love.


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