A letter to Humanity

11/23/2011 § Leave a comment

A letter to humanity.

To those that think they are in command,

Lay your full burden upon my brow, use your heaviest hand in efforts to strike me down. Mistreat that which loves you; I will not put forth one demand. I will be indifferent to your lack of concern. No matter the hardship, I shall return. Shed no fake tears for me, I need not your artificial pity; I have nothing but time to forefeel my everlasting duty.

I am continuous by nature; I cannot come to bind, for my mission is chaotic in its beautiful design. You can battle me at the margins, but lose the war within the break. When your memories become memories, I will still exist; I cannot help but pull myself from your devastating wake. From the cracks and weak seams of the best of your best, my loving grace will come to rest.

Up from the ashes I will put on a hold, I will continue to return, new from the old. I will fill the abandoned with my giving life; I will rise above your trifling strife. So, strike with your mightiest blow, strip me down to my lowest low. I will wait until you grow weary and distracted, haphazardly I will continue my natural practice.




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