Cause & Effect

11/23/2011 § Leave a comment

Cause and effect.

On the horizon comes the nothing race.

It is approaching without homeland place.

It will flow with no supreme creed.

It will lay claim to no royal deed.

The masses merged in this harmonious bind.

The many partook in this bloodless line.

They are the gentlest patrons of the earth.

They will spread upon her widely girth.

They will bath her with their grace.

She will welcome this nothing race.

This evolution came by wicked reasons.

 Conquest brought about this glorious season.

 When the enlightened came to teach the wild.

 When the warriors came to master the mild.

 When the greedy came as raiders of man.

When the proprietors came as thieves of the land.

These self-centered actions brought about this progression.

To come to one is the only rational reaction.

From one single race it all started.

Then natures us she parted.

The flow has come back to one focus again

The tide has turned to where it has been.

Over the hill, just a short distance.

Coming to light is their existence.

They are not Negroid or Caucasian.

They are not Mongoloid  or even a slight deviation.

They are the inter-mingling of all parts of the sum.

From the all, the nothing race shall come.


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