Impeded by power

11/23/2011 § Leave a comment

 Man has made this perfect world his toy.

To play with for his algolagnic joy.

From the lovebird, that sings, to the crystal clear water that brings.

From the hoenysuckle vine that twists and twines.

To his very own fleshy kind.

All are in his perverted service, even though he does not deserve us.

What a curious state of things.

What a curious way power does bring.

On duty, he must always be, or his prisoners surely will flee.

He must keep all his energy focused on those under his thumb.

To a moments sleep he must never succumb.

If his attention is not on opression  of those in his yoke.

His neck in slumber will most certainly be broke.

I pity him in somewhat a degree.

I am sure from these binds he wants to break free.

To go back in history.

To be a savage man.

Tp sleep and eat would be his only master plan.

How could he have known that the powers he welds, would be the shackles that pull him to hell.

But to this figurative bed he must lay.

For his own devices he can but only obey.


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