What is in a name?

11/23/2011 § Leave a comment

What is in a name? I have walked these woods and trails that surround our community. Under the shadows, afforded by the growth of the intermingling foliage. In the sun deluged amber fields, separated by valleys deep. I went through creeks cold and black, edged along the river  where seasonal  water heights afford seasonal banks.  I have forged through patches of forest old and new, across the bedrock and traversed in the sediment left behind by time. Through weathers extreme, in seasons all,  in company with many and alone. I’ve walked where the water gathers by natural laws and trailed where it began its journey. I see and saw all that which is offered to my eyes. I smell its odor, I taste its quantities, and I feel its presents. I pursue nothing but am excepting of everything, not surprised by my findings but enjoying all that is put forth before me none the least. I make no list, I plot not one against another, none is the weaker, and there are no kings. Nothing is unequal, nothing needs of pity, nothing needs feared, and nothing needs of fame.

     After years of walking among those who have not that self-consciousness of humans, which is needed to declare one the mightiest; maybe something they forgone over happiness. After walking with those full of natural motivation and begotten evolutionary intelligence, those that but run on pure constitution ,extracting and subtracting as needs seen fit, those who spread and move perpetual among us, almost invisible,  I’ve come to know them, but not by name. I’ve come to know them on a higher level, as if I belong among them and they except my presence or at least seem indifferent to it. Those, there in nature, are not offended by my lack of respect for their man made sir names. They would not response if I rattled off every single salutation using reference to their scientific classification.  I find no need to make a single sound, for my sounds have no weight, but alien , there beyond the world of human affairs. There simply is no need for introductions conversations or regards.

      What really is in a name anyway? Names are tools for communication, between those who understand its tapestry of advanced clicks and grunts. Names are necessities for introductive , so that we feel as if we are in personal relations with what we name. Names… so heredity can be introduced for supremacy’s sack, for superior humans.  Language, more so names, are needed for those of the world that need to stake a claim, need to dispute and find an audience to their cause.  An ever evolving method of  identifications  between humans , in efforts to describe  all objects of matter or the lack there of, lists for a sole purpose, so in same we can debate purposes or reasons for being or not being.  A name does not make it so; a description of its whole does nothing to bring about its existence. It is, because it is, not because it has a title. “After the fact” does not make it exist…that is a discussion. In nature, there are no need for names, only action and reaction set by laws and chaos in concert, continually. The earthly things are still here if we place name to it or not. The wind blows, the snow falls, the sun rises, if we give it description or not. Law is law and if it has a name, it matters not, the punishment and/or reward will not change without a name, manners changes nothing.


     I think we are more proud of ourselves ,more often than not, of being able to describe a thing by salutation, rambling of the names and codes for all that is , but are unable to understand its part it the whole. Language can be an abutment to ignorance , it allows us to learn from another, knowledge passed down hand over hand many times diluted and corrupted with translations, fables and  debated clause, without experiencing firsthand what we believe to understand. We take what is said or written as faith of its truthfulness. Names have giving us a way to break down all to it’s least common denominator, the fractions of fractions. We label all without understanding the total of it, understanding all in action. I do not know the names of my friends, unless I am exposed to them and hear their names so often that it is but natural to  call them by it. I do not know the names of the strangers I meet, but that does not mean I treat them differently than my friends. They still exist, without me knowing their name. They are treated the same, and I lose no knowledge of who they are or what they are, by not knowing their names. With names, at best, gossip gives me an abstract idea, but little else.  I do not know the common, or for that matter the fanciful names, given to that which I witness. I have come to understand there is no need. I witness but do not share, I have not right in describing that which I take in , my words do not justify the enormous flood of information of what my senses take in. Names would put a fog over my vision anyway, if I knew the names of what I see, I would expect what was said to expect. I would loss all that I have witnessed and would understand less because I would deny what I saw because I was told to see something else

     . “But what of sharing what you see?” You may say, ”How can you interrupt your travels into something intelligible without names?” I cannot, is my reply! By the evidence of others left behind, those who tried, by volumes of volumes towering towers filled to the tippy top with  books and pictures, those others trying to explain what they witness, and still all that work gives little validation to nature or  as a substitute of being in the middle of it all. There is no way of putting it to paper or in words…names, we try though, and by our trying we make ourselves feel better by sharing our excitement of perspective. None in their fanciful expression or scientific jargon, through no sketch or sample alone, not part of the part of the whole can be simply explained through a few word of introduction. I say go forward and explore, no need for names in the reality of life.

     In front of me dead takes, life gives and in between as well as during, uncountable unnamed, unimaginable, and fantastical things happen. I would miss out if I was to waste my time learning the names of what ,to me, is already well represented. Life is the only name I need.


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