The Jersey Gaint

12/04/2011 § Leave a comment

The Jersey Gaint.


I made my way back to the coop today; I needed to check on my girls. Warm water, crumb and a good hello is all they needed. I have a trail cut deadline to the pen, if not it would be nasty to drag through the snow time and again. As I am standing there waiting for the frenzy to slow, I noticed a line cut into the snow.

A trail, for and by those little animals that stand to the winter. It crossed over my path that I dug for my advantage. A small path many inches down but only 2 inches thin. It is filled with an array of footprints going and coming again. The toes of a rat, something that looked like a cat, birds mice, all foes in the summers land. Tiny creatures sharing in the time of need, literally using each others hand.. No blood or sight of ambush, just a neat orderly path, I wonder of the greetings where they pass. Do they ignore one and another or do they put on a happy face, crossing without losing pace.

I walked the Trail, staying a foot or so out, I did not want to destroy it, but only to follow its route. A long trail that faded under the bushes and back out into the field, across and under the wood pile ,to the compost and then to the hill. A stop at the walnut pile, and a break by the pool. Exits and entrances, and a few off-ramps that looked fairly new. Up the Trumpet skeleton to catch a view. Halved Nutshell, shucked seed and half-eaten feed. Punked wood chips, a snack on termites, that meat-y need.

Along the highway of the simplest yet wisest.


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