O you…

01/10/2012 § 1 Comment

O those lips set me aflame.

They affect me, erect me, they respect me. So full of history ,mystery, I love when they kiss me. Placed so perfectly, divine resigned, always on my mind.


O those hips that swing with a sensuality a sexuality a hypnotizing beat. So distracting, so inviting, me enjoying, when my hands caress then, when you dress them, I melt into their sway.


O those hands, so soft and passive, strong  and commanding. Take mine in yours, so warm and delighting the bound un-breaking, never mistaking, the joint in us everlasting.


O those breasts so natural so disrupting, in them excitement  amassing . Bright  and soft, womanly nature aloft. My shrine, my alter my desire , sets my passions on fire.


O that heart ,so embracing ,so passionate so leading. It turned my stone to mud, replaces anger with love,  caught me by surprise ,brought a sparkle into my eyes, gave me back what I had misplaced, in that heart I find your embrace.


 O that mind so enlightening frightening righting. My clever girl,  my muse ,my smart cookie, so beyond my level, my better. If I were unsecure, your mind would be my enemy. Yet in you it is my guide my light my fellow my life.


O You, a mass of that I love ,from the touch of your breath, and the reach of your love, from the height of your capability  to when you simply act silly. From the first, when my mind first processed your being, till that end when we part, I will never have anything that I do not love in you. Always you are first in my heart…


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