Good morn…

02/03/2012 § Leave a comment

Good morn and  a Goodnight my Migraine .

Good Morning You crippling cock sucker!

You dirty rotten mother fucker!

My God this pain!

Blinding, maddening, insane.

From the rear, forward.

Laying  an assault in Pincer formation.

The most deafening noise not heard!

From start through duration .

First, upsetting and distracting.

 Creeping, than crippling.

My  mood regulator.

Bolus, than bile .

Cerebellum  penetrator.

Equilibrium bent

Off tilt, left to wilt.

Anger replaces humility

Vision shot and blurry.

 Frightened like a blind man unfamiliar.

Thump thump bang bang!

Throbbing robbing, a sheer terror unrelenting.

Which way up, no way down.

Head spinning round and round.

Light violently piercing  ,sound no friend,

A simple death would be a relief in the end.

No escape, all in compassing.

No liberation from this haunting.

When will this pain be spent?

Only night gives reprieve.

A break from this disease.

I find the best approach.

Fetal circle with bent knees.

Slowly, excruciatingly I drift into slumber.

Of this horrible day, pain is all I remember.


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