Living only because we are alive

02/12/2013 § Leave a comment

Why live only because you are alive?

I sit and wonder how we as a people, have gone from being a free roaming people, to a group of drudgery; where if Homo sapiens sapiens would look upon us now, they would kill themselves off because they couldn’t bear to see themselves in us! Is it fear which we submit to, to not live within our own wants or even needs? I wonder, when did life get traded, from the carefree, to the careful?

Are we being as careful as we can only to live an extra year, month day longer than our forefathers? Are we that afraid of finality that we roll into a ball and submit to the wishes of those who promise everlasting hope and a pocket full of coin? What of our natural side, do we curl away from it like flesh from a fire?

I want to run naked in the woods, and eat from the margins, I want home to be the next shady spot in my journey toward the horizon. I want to be mystified in wonder of it all and want only what I need.

Aaaa! but it is all too late, we are kept-creatures, living week to week, in fear of a global recession, worrying about the cable bill and hoping and wishing our way through life. What a sad sight we are, clothed in shame and mannered to not offend, if it were not for our hair on our heads you would think us alien to this environment, this place of plenty and pleasure, all going to waste because somehow somewhere we made a left instead of a right ,and now we are doomed to conflict for pride and violence because of fear…

Stuck between greed and fear, it has us both coming and going and we are too damned dumb to know it!


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