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We look back on life when we reach the end game, we wonder over our experiences and ponder over our existance , lo so longingly we wish for a replay, one more chance to do it all over. What will be your regrets, will you look back with fondness and pride? Have you used this life to forefill your dreams or to only erk out an existence, living to please and make anothers wishes come true.

Have you done all that is possible, have you done what is in your best interest, or have you been indoctrinated with a belief that you must serve as a result of your birthright?

Up and over my friends, do not look back over your shoulder when time has run short, wishing for more becuase you used less. Stand to the storm of ideologies and weather it as you live for you and your interests, be the captain of your destiNY, be the guide to your dreams.

O so fast we are at the end of our game, left with a decreped body and a fading mind. Why wait to start when it is over? Live now and live well, from your dreams live with conviction. Live with pride and power,.live in releif and with contentment.

O so amany of us are stuck in a life of circular living, living for wants and rarely for needs. Moralities and principles, standards and practices all in confinement of the body and mind, the fearful want you submissive to their yokes made of greed and demands, they are in control and us, we follow becauae that is what a good citizen should do! Off with thier heads, the valgur and the vague, they prosper as we parish from a lonely heart amd broken body… They tow the same ends and thier beginings start as ours, what do they hold in respect to us, does their dreams matter more¿

Over that rise in front of you is untold mysteries and awaiting experiences, you can only be part if you shead that which bounds you and run, run my friend, run!

See life and embrave it from start to finish, be not the fool who sheads tears over a life time lost! Taste it, brace for it and run run run! We have been offered a life of toil and sacrifice, giving a life narrow and short, by design we should have our backs to the wind and a face full of life, but that design is corrupted by an ideaology that only fits if you cut away all that which make us human, for it to be a life worth living in this social trainwreck we must strip ourselves of all that which makes us animal, all that makes us free!

Stand up and be counted, be it the majority or less, stand up and live as you see fit, be that which calls from within and refuse that which calls from without. Live as an individual finding oneself for the first time, be what yerns deep in and bend only when you see it fit.

What do we have but a life, from birth to death, a short period without reason or purpose, here we live ,but for the most part we live not for ourselves, only for another who stacked up the pressure to have you live as they see fit. Go now my friends and start a life that when the end comes, tears, tears of joy encompass you and regrets are lost.


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