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Does it matter how happiness is found? It may come by ways you don’t recognize, but is it not happiness all the same? If you are loved because you are smart, yet you want to be loved because you are beautiful, is that love not the same. Does happiness need come down an exact road to be valid?



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Why can’t we tame our wild hearts, making them more civil and polite.


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Have I told you how much I love Momma Bear this day?

I love her wit, as sharp as volcanic glass, fast as a better class.

I love her insecurities, her abilities, her possibilties!

I love to be her center, her pull, her movement…her tool.

I love her because she is imperfect, for her mistakes and the wreck in her wake.

I love her because she allows me that birth, my only mission on this earth, to hold her above all, the feeling of being ten feet tall!

I love her because I can, it is not a requirement nor a demand, she offers her self all in exclusive, for her pouting lips to her luscious hips. From her concern, to that which she yerns…

My doll,
My dear!
My far,
My near!
My morning,
My night!
My wrong my right!

Yes I do, I love her true, Nothing can remove that feeling. All chemicals are reacting, and sensors correcting, physic in action far from a fraction … I have no fear stating who I hold dear, not a better man it makes knowing all the stakes, I proudly resound that this love that I found is all that I ever wished for!

Natural man

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If the bar was not set so goddamned high, then the natural good of man would shine through. As of now we have set standards that no man can reach, allowing that good to be buried by the laws of idiots that punish nature for being nature.


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You can not educate in chaos, rules apply!


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No one but those who act against the ancient truce of fair play should be inhibited. Not Mothers or fathers, sons daughters. Not woman or male , dark or pale.


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Amany times the cure is more destructive then the sickness…

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